The device «MULTIPURPOSE CLEANER ” is designed for disinfection of water, food, personal hygiene items against harmful pathogens (viruses, bacteria, parasites, protozoa, fungi) at home.

1) Button of switching on and switching off of the device.

2) Button of switching on of the mode of disinfecting.

3) Indicator of switching on of the device.

4) Indicator of the battery power / termination of the battery power.

5) Indicator of operation of the device.

6) Connection of the charger cable.

7) Working side of the device.

8) Time of the continuous operation – 20 hours and more.


The device is encased in a plastic corps with a control button (on and off), indication of activation, operation, indication of the battery charge, indication of the end of the battery charge. The device is powered by the built-in lithium-ion battery. Continuous operation time is more than 20 hours.

After pressing the button (1), the indicator (3) lights up, the device is switched on and ready for work. After pressing the button (2), the indicator (5) lights up, the device is switched on in the disinfection regime. Continuously illuminated indicator (5) indicates the correct operation of the device. After 60 minutes of operation, the device will be switched-off automatically, the indicator (5) – will turn off. At the same time the indicator (3) will stay switched on. You can continue disinfection, by pressing the button (2) or switch off the device, by pressing the button (1).
When the charger is connected, the jack (6) – the indicator (4) lights up. During charging the device, about the charging progress, indicates the battery’s charging indicator (4) – lights up in red. After charging, if the battery is fully charged – indicator lights up in green (4).


Switching on/off of the device is implementing by pressing the ON/OFF button (1).
Right after switch on, the device’s operation indicator (3) lights up. After pressing the button (2), the device starts to work, as indicated by the indicator (5). The device will operate in the mode of disinfection for 60 minutes, after will switch off automatically. The indicator (5) will turn off. The device can be deactivated by pressing the button (1) ON / OFF or it is possible continue the disinfection mode by pressing the button (2).

For disinfection, the device must be placed directly on the processed object or objects with the device’s working side (7). The products or objects will be cleared off from pathogenic microorganisms for 40 minutes. The device’s sleep timer is set to operate for 60 minutes. Delaying pressing the button (2) for 3-5 seconds, the device can be switched on to continuous operation mode. The device will work continuously until the battery’s discharging.

It is allowed to process objects in any package, except metal or foil.

During operation, the device emits electromagnetic oscillations of various frequencies in the range from 10 to 20 000 Hz. (ethers of oils, herbs, medicinal plants, trees) that selectively influence directly on the pathogenic microorganism, neutralizing viruses, bacteria, protozoa, parasites, fungi.


The device is designed for disinfection of water, food, personal hygiene items, kitchen devices, clothes, footwear, bathrooms and items with increased content of pathogenic microorganisms.
It is designed to prevent possible person’s infection caused by these microorganisms. The device can be used offline and designed for home and outdoors use.

This device is harmless to the humans, pets and plants, but it is forbidden to use it for the treatment of different human’s diseases, as the hidden chronic diseases may appear or the exacerbation of existing diseases may occur.

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