Briefly about the idea of creating “MULTIPURPOSE CLEANER”

During 18 years being engaged in bioresonance diagnostics and therapy, I have made the conclusion that all our health problems appear because of pathogenic microorganisms: parasites (roundworms and tapeworms), viruses, bacteria, simplest funguses and mites which get into a human organism in different ways. The occurrence of such diseases as cancer, stroke, heart attack, diabetes, allergies and other diseases have a direct connection with dominance of the pathogenic microorganisms in the human organism.

At the beginning of my working I couldn’t even imagine that there are so many parasites in our food. Having purified all my organs from all pathogenic microorganisms with the help of resonance frequency therapy and bioresonance therapy – just in a week later, new pathogenic microorganisms were found in the organism again.

I decided to diagnose all food and the results of diagnostic made me shocked – almost all products were infected by different types of the parasites.

It’s possible to be infected by trichinella, sarcocystis or pork tapeworm from improperly cooked meat.
Practically all fish: smoked, dried, herring, red fish, calf – is infected by fish parasites – the clonorchis, paragonimus and opisthorchiasis – that cause problems with all human’s organs, the diabetes and the allergies. All these diseases are often connected with infection by the parasites mentioned above.

The milk and different kinds of cheese (especially grown on raw milk) frequently from the market, usually contain the bacteria of brucellosis and tuberculosis.

There is often a whipworm in the cabbage sauerkraut or fresh and the untreated salt contains cysts (eggs) of the hookworms. Getting into the human’s organism, they cause an anemia, headaches and cardiac pains. There is also the group of hookworms in the fresh parsleys, strawberries and dills.

Often parasites of trematode group, viruses (hepatitis) and bacteria are found in the watermelons and melons.
Ordinary seeds of a sunflower became a big problem as turned out even fried seeds contain up to 10 species of parasites. I have decided to test fried seeds of a sunflower, which we eat almost every evening. The results horrified us – 9 species of live parasites were found.
Over the years of work, I have tested thousands of patients with various diseases, from the oncology to Parkinson’s disease. The reason always was only one – parasites, bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi, mites.

The raw vegetables and flour products are the reason of the leptospirosis – which affects the bone marrow. As a result, when infected with leptospirosis, it provokes leukemia, such cases also happened in my practice.
Ordinary loose tea, which we enjoy and drink every day, contains about 9 species of parasites and even boiled water can’t exterminate them.
Sugar (unrefined sugar) also contains about 9 species of parasites.

I would like to show you a very simple example:

My patient called and said that suddenly a strong cough began, with the phlegm and the high temperature. The hookworm was found in his organism after tested him with bioresonance diagnostics, the disease infected him after having eaten the strawberries.

Day after day, with food we fill our organism with pathogenic microorganisms. No need trust to different delusions that microorganisms both pathogenic (harmful to a person) and non-pathogenic (not harmful to a person) should live in a human’s organism, as it makes our immunity stronger. These statements have any justifications. These pathogenic microorganisms take our vitality, lead to dangerous diseases and to the birth of premature babies and often already sick.

Be careful with all what you eat, drink and with the surrounding of your children (dirty hands and animals are most frequent vectors of pathogenic microorganisms), which toothbrush you use, manicure devices and so on. Such recommendations will allow you to reduce a risk of being infected by pathogenic microorganisms. Thus, your organism will have more resources for struggling against possible danger for your health. You will have a healthy organism, could enjoy life your life and raise healthy and happy children.

Alexander and I for the last two years have developed the universal frequencies for the destruction of all pathogenic microorganisms for a short period using the gained knowledge and practice. All frequencies are based on resonance frequency therapy and bioresonance therapy. The researches on the food have shown a high efficiency of the disinfectant – MULTIPURPOSE CLEANER. Today, this device became really indispensable at home, in tourist and business trips, when the risk of infection by pathogenic microorganisms increases. The degree of dependence from pathogenic microorganisms decreases in several times. Everything what is disinfected with “MULTIPURPOSE CLEANER” becomes harmless for human’s organism.

Be healthy and live happily,


A. Kalinichenko

“MULTIPURPOSE CLEANER” is a universal disinfectant, designed for disinfection and purification of products against pathogenic microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, parasites, simplest funguses and mites) at home.

Every day the question, about control of purity and quality of the consumed food and water, becomes more and more significant for every person all over the world. Favorable conditions for the vital activity of the microorganisms which are especially dangerous for people, can also appear with climate changes on the earth. Such factors as the relocation of various food products all over the world, as well as the development of universally accessible tourism (including visiting of the exotic countries), had a great influence on widespread and evolution of dangerous for the people’s health microorganisms. The dissemination of local pathogenic microorganisms (harmful to the people), became a real threat to all continents. The probability that all these adverse conditions will only increase in the nearest future- is big enough. That’s why there is necessity to ensure the quality and safety of our food and to prevent from the infection by the pathogenic microorganisms.

We try to pay as much as possible attention to a question of purity and quality of the food in everyday life – beginning from simple purchases of products on the market and finishing the travels around the world. Safety of products is guaranteed by certificates of quality in supermarkets but the products which we bought in the markets including foreign markets (during the holidays or a business trip) we have no such guarantee.

There is no publicly accessible equipment capable to provide quality control and safety our food today. However, there are some portable devices that can monitor and probably find some deviations from the norm in our food. It is possible to define the level of radioactive and chemical contamination of food (nitrates, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals and other poisons) and also to reveal pollution of food by pathogenic microflora (dangerous bacteria, viruses, parasites) only though laboratory tests. Therefore, we take a great risk to be infected by pathogenic microorganisms trusting only the certificates of quality for products and our own intuition.

It is almost impossible to find the pathogenic microorganisms in such food as meat, fish and dairy products without laboratory researches. That’s why there is a danger to be infected by dangerous for our health microorganisms through improper preparation or insufficient heat treatment.

There is a risk to be infected by the dangerous infections in the recycling process and improper food storage.
Summertime is especially dangerous time and need to be extremely attentive and careful with the choosing products and places for eating.
Any fruits, vegetables and even homemade preservation can be a source of dangerous infections for the person if don’t follow the necessary rules of cooking.

We have designed a portative device “MULTIPURPOSE CLEANER”, to avoid or to minimize such risks. This device is capable to clean food and water from the pathogenic microorganisms in 30 minutes. The disinfection of products allows avoid poisoning or settlement of «uninvited guests» inside of human’s organism.

The device “MULTIPURPOSE CLEANER” – is the unique development which doesn’t have analogs in the world. Right after turning on the device emits low-frequency form of electromagnetic fluctuations of low power. All resonance frequencies of viruses, bacteria, protozoa, parasites, pincers and fungi known for today are laid at the same time in these fluctuations. Additionally, it is complemented by powerful essential oils – created and tested by us, using a method of resonance testing with different essential oils. The powerful influence of essential oils is directed on struggle against the dangerous microorganisms. The essential oils, which we use, are prepared from plants which have a destructive effect on the pathogenic microorganisms.

Thus, use the unique device “MULTIPURPOSE CLEANER” only for 30- 40 minutes will protect our food and water against pathogenic microorganisms.

“MULTIPURPOSE CLEANER” doesn’t destroy opportunistic or non pathogenic microorganisms which are necessary for human’s organism. It effects only on dangerous viruses, bacteria, parasites, simplest funguses and mites. The device influences directly only on dangerous viruses, bacteria, protozoa, parasites, ticks and fungi.

Best regards,
A. Tkach.

Application of the device:
-Water disinfection
-Disinfection of food (milk, meat, fish, raw eggs, fruit, vegetables, etc.)
-Disinfection of kitchen tables and other kitchen devices.
-Disinfection of kitchen towels, washcloths and means for mopping.
-Disinfection of bathroom’s furnishings.
-Disinfection of clothes and footwear.
-Disinfection of bedding against mites (different species)
-Disinfection of aquariums.
-Extension of product’s storage time.
-Disinfection of children’s toys and their pets’ living places.

Royal Raymond Rife (1888 –1971) was an American inventor and early exponent of high-magnification time-lapse cine-micrography. In the early 1930’s Royal Raymond Rife invented the first, and currently still the most powerful universal microscope. Dr. Rife was the first person to see living viruses since even the most powerful electron microscopes today kill the organism being observed. In his quest to build this microscope he developed a method of identifying different organisms and their MOR’s or Mortal Oscillatory Rates. This meant that each organism had a signature frequency at which it vibrated or resonated. Rife further developed this technology by building a frequency instrument which was able to reproduce these MOR’s and thus kill the organisms. Rife claimed that by using a specially designed optical microscope, he could observe microbes which were too small to visualize with previously existing technology.

Rife also reported that a Rife Beam Ray (RBR) device of his invention could weaken or destroy the pathogens by energetically exciting destructive resonances in their constituent chemicals. Rife claimed to have documented a “Mortal Oscillatory Rate” for various pathogenic organisms, and to be able to destroy the organisms by vibrating them at this particular rate.

Using a simple resonance principle, Rife could easily destroy bacteria or viruses. The result of using the resonant wavelength is that microorganisms that are invisible in white light suddenly become visible in the glow of light of a certain spectral composition. They become visible when the frequency of light resonates with their own radiation spectrum. Thus, Rife could see otherwise invisible organisms and observe their active invasion of tissue cultures. The theory, in plain English, can be explained using an analogy of an opera singer who uses her voice to shatter a crystal glass. The glass is vibrating at a certain frequency and when the opera singer sings at that particular frequency the glass shatters in the same way as the organism shattering when it is exposed to the frequency generated by the Rife machine.

Also the method of a bioresonance is obliged by a theoretical background to two other German inventors: Franz Morell and Erich Rasche. The first of them was a doctor, the second an engineer. For more than 25 years, bioresonance therapy has been successfully used in Germany to treat a huge number of diseases and get rid of bad habits.

In 1989 Ministry of Health of the USSR, being guided by high statistics of treatment, officially recommended a method of bioresonant therapy for use in a medical practice. Since some confidential data recently was disclosed, it became known, that in the times of the USSR and even now in some large research medical institutes there are projects based on bioresonance therapy.

Since any technologies never remain without progress and especially in XXI century, there was an idea to create the portable device for individual use at home. Dr. Rife’s researches of bioresonance treatment of the human body by the energy of the electromagnetic field have been taken as a basis for the creation of the device «MULTIPURPOSE CLEANER». In fact this device will protect food, water, subject personal hygiene items, clothes against pathogenic microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, parasites, protozoa and fungi) that getting in our organism. The device «MULTIPURPOSE CLEANER» is a unique device which has no analogues. The device will allow you to supervise constantly a level of cleanliness and a safety.

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