Only for 30-40 minutes will protect your products, water, personal hygiene items, clothes against viruses, bacteria, parasites, simplest funguses and mites at home.


In this paragraph, we propose to use the “MULTIPURPOSE CLEANER” device for cleaning of manicure accessories, scissors, tweezers, nail files, various scrubs and brushes for feet care. And also for disinfections of developing trays which are used for procedures decoupling and removal of rough skin. All these items are through what we can be infected some dangerous diseases. It can be also fungi infections, viral infections, hepatitis, HIV. Especially it’s dangerous if different people were using the same hygiene items. Or for example, a beauty salon, which is visited by a quite big number of visitors per day.

The device will be irreplaceable for disinfecting of all types brushes, tassels and for all tools which are used for putting professional makeup. The cosmetic tools possible disinfect with “MULTIPURPOSE CLEANER” including even sets of cosmetics that the infection wasn’t transmitted from “face to face”.

Using the “MULTIPURPOSE CLEANER” device for cleaning contact lenses and items for their storage, will be one of the ways to prevent ingress of pathogens through the contact lens into the eyes. But of course it’s necessary to remember about purity of the hands by which you will put lenses.

The “MULTIPURPOSE CLEANER” device can be used for cleaning of false teeth, chewing prostheses and objects where they are stored. The oral cavity is a place quite “inhabited” by different types of microorganisms, including pathogenic. Therefore such prophylaxis will help you to be very useful to bar also this way of penetration of an infection to your organism.

«MULTIPURPOSE CLEANER» only for 30-40 minutes will protect your products against viruses, bacteria, parasites, simplest funguses and mites.

«MULTIPURPOSE CLEANER» will give you a possibility to eat tasty and safely.

«MULTIPURPOSE CLEANER» оwill protect your pets’ places of living against viruses, bacteria, parasites, protozoa, fungi and pincers.

Using «MULTIPURPOSE CLEANER», you will have a unique device of prevention against various number of diseases transmitted through food, clothes and personal hygiene items.

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